Spark Plug Supersession: EGV to Iridium

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs BR9EIX

The EGV spark plug range was superseded and is no longer available globally.

This range has been replaced by the Iridium IX equivalent which has proven to outperform the EGV

Iridium IX Spark Plugs provide high ignitability, increasing power, as well as providing a number of additional benefits to Go Kart racers who are looking to optimise engine performance

The use of Iridium in the manufacture of Iridium IX Spark Plugs, allows a reduction in the size of the centre electrode diameter (CED) to 0.6mm, which is dramatically smaller than the EGV spark plugs with a CED of 1.0mm.  Tests have proven that 0.6mm is the optimum CED for performance, a CED below 0.6mm has shown no improvement to ignitability but a significant reduction to the life of the plug.

A fine CED fo 0.6mm reduces the ‘quenching effect’ during combustion, in turn delivering improved performance.  Quenching occurs when heat energy is lost from the hot flame kernel to the cooler electrodes, as the flame attempts to expand and combust air/fuel mixture.  Reducing the CED decreases this effect, the result is increased power and efficiency from each combustion cycle.

A key improvement in the design of Iridium IX Spark Plugs is the copper core centre electrode, which improves heat dissipation providing a wide heat range that gives maximum performance at both high and low speeds. This feature makes the half heat range increments redundant.

Discontinued Number               Replacement Number

B8EGV                                      BR8EIX

B85EGV                                    BR9EIX

B9EGV                                      BR9EIX

B95EGV                                    BR10EIX

B10EGV                                    BR10EIX

B105EGV                                  BR10EIX

B11EGV                                    BR10EIX