We offer a full engine building service on site to cater for all kart racing engines. From Yamaha, Leopard. Rotax, PRD to Comer, ARC, and all types of open engines eg. Maxter, parilla, Vortex.

Michael works on an engine on the flow benchMichael works on an engine
on the flow bench

All work is carried out by our qualified staff that treat every engine with the same care as they would their own. We endeavor to keep our work shop current and keep all our work in-house to keep a close eye on quality control.


  • Rebuilds ? From rings to full rebuilds, we can rebuild your engine to your requirements
  • Porting ? Through years of development, flow bench testing and dyno testing, we can tune your engine to produce not only more power, but an engine that is also drivable with a smooth power range
  • Blueprints ? Engine and carbys can be machined to achieve the maximum benefit while working within the rules
  • Carby Modification ? Blueprinting, machining, and general repairs
  • Clutch Fitting
  • Ultrasonic carby cleaning ? This process ensures that all particals are removed without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Other ? Sandblasting, de-carbon, rebores, honing along with many other services are available in-house

Kart Repairs

Mark makes repairs to a kart frameMark makes repairs to a kart frame

Lightning karts can offer a WIDE RANGE of repair services. With their fully equipped workshop they can supply the following:

  • Welding ? Mig / Tig (alloy and steel)
  • Tube Bending and Notching up to 1 ?? chromoly
  • Sheet Metal Guilotineing 2500mm long/6mm thick steel
  • Folding 1800mm
  • Milling
  • Lathe and general machining


  • Other ? Laser wheel alignment, fitting engines, seats etc