The Lightning Extreme 08 Twin Dirt Kart has been designed to suit both KT Twins, 200 Open Aircooled and 200 Open Watercooled.

The new 08 Twin Xtreme chassis has better side bite, better forward drive and more feel than existing karts. It is 90mm narrower than the previous model but with a smaller brake disk and smart design, it is still capable of handling 2 watercooled engines with the radiator mounted behind the seat for added safety.

  • Mig welded 28.0mm 4130 Chromoly chassis with 32.0mm Front assembly
  • 1040mm Wheelbase
  • Lightweight Design
  • Replaceable lower front bumper
  • Strong “U” shape pod bars
  • Unique upper seat mount system – incorporating an adjustable aluminium strap
  • 40mm Steel 1040 axle
  • Machined Billet Aluminium Sprocket and Brake Carriers
  • 65mm Long Billet Aluminium Rear Wheel Hubs
  • 2 x Machined Billet Aluminium One Piece Bearing Flanges
  • Twin 10mm x 160mm OD Ventilated Brake Disks
  • Twin Dent Black Anodized Machined Billet Alloy 2 Spot Caliper incorporating a single Billet Master Cylinder
  • Adjustable camber/caster using 8mm precision ground king pins
  • Adjustable Ackerman Steering
  • 13mm Hexagon Hollow Aluminium Tie Rods
  • 5L Removable Fuel Tank
  • Kg Flat Top Aluminium Steering Wheel incorporating our Lightning logo
  • Euro Style Bodywork including:
    • Euro Style Nassa Panel
    • Arrow AX9 Side Pods
  • One Piece Aluminium 3 Spoke Wheels
    • Front 120mm Wide x 5″ Diameter
    • Rear 200mm Wide x 6″ Diameter
  • Burris Dirt Tyres
    • Front 11×5-5 K-21 Compound
    • Rear 12×8-6 K-21 Compound
    • TX-11 Compound also available
  • Standard Colour
    • Chassis: Gloss Black
    • Wheels: Gloss Black
    • Aluminium Components: Anodized Black
    • Bodywork: Black
  • Options:
    1. Chassis and wheels are available in most colours available in the powder coat range. Some colours may attract and additional charge
    2. Aluminium components such as hubs, carriers, countersunk washers & tie rods are also available in gold
    3. Side pods are also available in blue and red
    4. Components such as steering wheels, hubs, Brakes can be customized to suit your particular needs. Please enquire regarding any specific requirements